Fire Protection Systems

Providing Total Fire Protection in Texas

Fire protection in Texas is crucial for any property, regardless of the size. You can depend on Apache Sprinkler Corporation to design, install, inspect, and service your sprinkler system and other related equipment.

We understand that every building is different in shape and square footage. It is for that reason our technicians take the time to learn about your property before getting to work. Our team uses that information and then designs and lays out a fire protection package that offers comprehensive fire detection and suppression systems.

Our products help medical facilities provide fire protection coverage to every inch of their properties with a system we produce. It is essential to have a total fire suppression system at a hospital or clinic because they often have many rooms and enclosed spaces where a fire can go undetected without tailor-made products in use.

Restaurants are also among our most numerous customers. These businesses often deal with high-heat environments and open flames for cooking. If you run a commercial kitchen or dining facility, we can help you keep it safe by offering total fire protection. Contact our team today for the fire suppression products and services you need.