Fire Protection Systems

Comprehensive Fire Protection for Medical Buildings in Lufkin, TX

Ensuring that your hospital or clinic has the right fire protection solution is essential to protecting your patients and staff. Apache Sprinkler Corporation is here to help. We offer fire protection for medical buildings in Lufkin, TX, giving you the equipment you need to properly protect your building and assets. Our team will work diligently to design and install a sprinkler system that fits with the layout and structure of your property. 

So, when you are looking to improve your medical facility’s fire protection, trust our team to deliver the best results. Contact us to learn more about the sprinkler and suppression systems we have to offer.

Maintaining Your Sprinklers

In addition to installing new fire suppression systems, our team also provides inspection and maintenance services to ensure your fire systems are fully operational. We will ensure that your sprinkler system meets the National Fire Protection Association code requirements. We can also provide backflow testing for your equipment. With these services, we can ensure that your fire suppression systems are ready to protect your medical facility in the event of a fire, giving you peace of mind that your patients and staff will be safe.